How to Enter Welsh Veteran of the Year


  1. The owner and exhibit must be resident in Wales
  2. The Dog/Bitch must be 7 years or older on the date of the competition


ENTRY FEE: £30 non-refundable (inclusive of a two-course meal for one person with one souvenir programme and a commemorative gift on the day of the event) Your ticket will cover all three events.

There is an extra charge of £5.00 per exhibit, for any competition as a second entry.  


Are required for the souvenir programme

  1. They need to be copyright released by the photographer
  2. 300 dpi is the minimum for quality reproduction

To enter,

  1. Please download the forms and once completed,
  2. Make your cheque payable to ‘Welsh Junior of the Year’
  3. Enclose an S.A.E for your tickets
  4. Post to the relevant secretary before the closing date to avoid disappointment