This competition is for dogs with owner’s resident in Wales, the dogs must have won a first prize in a junior breed class at any general Championship show, Breed Club Championship or Open Show, or a junior class at any general Open Show held under Kennel Club rules.


Is held under the auspices of Cardiff Canine Society at the Drovers Court, Montgomery Pavilion, on the Royal Welsh Showground on Bank Holiday Monday April 2nd 2018.

This event was a victim of the Blast from the East, which hit hard in early March, the venue was inaccessible and the event had to be postponed, when new arrangements had been made this eastern blast decided to have another attack, alas us Welsh are made of sterner stuff and nearly everyone turned up on a cold and occasionally wet day but the grass was green and not white at the showgrounds.

Welsh Junior relies on its sponsors from a number of generous sources, this year they included Our Dogs, Happy Dog, Dorwest veterinary products, Richard Morris, Ken Andrew, Nigel Price and Will Harris.

Competing dogs are at a maximum allowed by the Kennel Club of 84 entries in two groups, it is competed in a knockout fashion and the two remaining dogs compete for the coveted title.

On the day there were celebrations for Joy Williams who was celebrating her 83rd birthday with family and friends and Alana Harp-Jones was congratulated on her Crufts win, where she achieved the award of first place in the 6 to 11 years of the Utility and Toy section of the YKC Handling.

The Judges were Hedd Richards who drew the envelope of group A, Hedd specialized for forty years in the Newfoundland, despite having an interest in the German Shepherd dog, Airedales Japanese Shiba Inu and German Spitz. He began judging in 1985 and awards Challenge certificates in six working ggroup breeds and the group at championship level, to name a few. Hedd has certainly been sort after around the globe having officiated to date in sixteen countries.

Hedd chose for his group winner the Shih Tzu, Teigan Harp-Jones Carlita Time To Samba, reserve was the Morris’s Siberian husky Hold Back the River Legend of the Spirit with Cwnhapus (IMP POL) JW Sh CM

Richard Morris judged the second group, he had been most fortunate to be born into a dog showing family of Gwen Mogford (Aunt) and Margaret Woodford nee Shirley (Grandmother) who had bred Old English Sheepdogs and having family links to The Kennel Clubs Founder Sewalis Evelyn Shirley MP.

Richard fiorst exhibited Old English Sheepdogs in 1967, making his base in the gundog group in the 1970’s. Richard is chief steward for South Wales Kennel Association and a Kennel Club member, to date he is approved to award challenge certificates in fourteen gundog breeds and the group as well as being an FCI International Judge.

Richard chose for his group winner the 2-year-old Irish Setter Gwendariff Pink Floyd owned by Seren Jones.

The two Judges could not decide between the two, so they called the referee Ken Andrew to make a decision, this is the first time in this competition’s history that the referee was used, Ken judged both exhibits and his decision was the Shih Tzu with her young handler.

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