Welsh veteran of the year is now in its second year and is held just prior to the Junior competition, it is really lovely to witness the veterans having a day out in the spotlight once more.

The Judges were Hedd Richards who has specialized for forty years in the Newfoundland, despite having an interest in the German Shepherd dog, Airedales, Japanese Shiba Inu and German Spitz.

He began judging in 1985 and awards Challenge certificates in six working group breeds and the group at championship level, to name a few.

Hedd has certainly been sort after around the globe having officiated to date in sixteen countries.

Hedd chose the German Spitz (Mittel) Ch Spellcast Talk To Da Paw at Trebettyn Sh CM, owned by Bethan Williams and handled by her Mother Julie as Bethan had only recently given birth to a son.

Runner up was Jackie Tonge’s, Tibetan Terrier Kybo In Cahoots with Aonachmor Sh CM.

Zara Boyle